Évelyn Viana Lovera

Artistic curriculum

Évelyn Viana Llovera

“La Negra”

Venezuelan journalist, producer, DJ and salsa & Latin rhythms teacher, based in Barcelona-Spain, where she has taught dance since 1997. She is specializes in Cuban salsa, Dominican bachata and salsa fused with ragga / dancehall and other urban rhythms with strong Caribbean influence.

After spending seven years as an editor and content producer for the newspaper La Vanguardia Digital, she took the position as Director of Content and creator of the information structure of Salseros Magazine and currently leads the most important salsa and Latin rhythms digital magazine

La Negra has combined intellectual work with dance classes and events production and entertainment in the world of nightlife related to salsa and Latin rhythms in their host city and at various festivals and conferences inside and outside the country .Her is the prestigious La Negra Shines World Championship, created in 2010, first in the world in their field, and organizes Salsa Congress Marina D’ Or and recently “La Negra Salsa Festival”, and she is an adviser of other important events.

She currently has her own dance school (by La Negra ) based in Barcelona and Ibiza, teaches at various festivals and national and international conferences and is a teacher, is part of Team Djs Sauce Antilla Barcelona, where directs La Negra Salsa Sunday session and is present in major/main national and many international conferences as a teacher and dj.

As a cheerleader is considered one of the best for her creativity, charisma and strength as a teacher and has combined the meticulous teaching with fun, joy and genuine Caribbean flavor.